Monday, September 9, 2013

I've got my head stuck in the clouds (of hot gases in space...)

I saw an awesome tutorial (here) in my Facebook feed that I just had to try for myself. I had this wonderfully comfortable long-sleeved tee...with a big ol' stain right over my bellybutton (my pregnant self stuck her belly into her plate of food, methinks). Yay! A way to make it wearable again! I'll turn it into a picture of galaxies, stars, and nebulae from Hubble! Sort of.

So, I bought some paint and bleach, and away I went!

And, the wonderful people over on voted it the winner of the 10th Anniversary Challenge: Clothing Category! I received some awesome swag, and I also have an awesome shirt! Made of win.

Talk about positive reinforcement.

I just haven't been able to stop.



And, #3.

And, I also made a cute little bunny. He's just like one I made for my son. He's made from an upcycled wool sweater, printed cotton, and stuffed with wool. You can buy him here.

I have been wanting to take in-process photos of the galaxy/nebula shirts, but my camera battery always seems to be dead. Next time, though...